Widows, Babies and Brides: 4 Complete Western Historical Romances

Widows, Babies and Brides box set - 4 novels by Kathleen Lawless

4 Complete Historical Romances


Recently widowed, Callie, wants nothing to do with any man, particularly a handsome drifter with his own agenda


There’s a new marshal in town who thinks Anora is married, a ruse she wishes she’d never entertained.  They try to keep their distance, but fate decrees otherwise amidst a town riot.


Isolated farm girl, Maddy, finds herself swept up in a dangerous adventure with an escaped convict trying to clear his name.


Imagine how Grace feels when the man she hires to masquerade as her husband turns out to be the Pinkerton detective sent by her father to find her.

This set of books brings a different, and delightful, perspective of the Wild West. Four stories about equal partnerships with each person contributing their own powers and weaknesses to make a strong whole. You may see yourself, and what you can contribute, to make a dream come true.

Patti Miller

Clearly fine women are strong enough to do what needs to be done.
And in the untamed wildness of the settling of the west anything can happen.

Bonnie Sue Ferguson

You can read one or all but just be ready to read. You will not want to put down these books. The characters will pull you in and you will get caught. Great descriptions and character development.


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