A Fortunate Mistake

This was such a good story on so many levels! Lucinda, raised in an orphanage, had always wanted a family of her own. But she was not given a choice as she was to become a nun. Perhaps her prayers were being answered when Riley needs a wife to help him take care of his deceased sister’s children. He writes for a mail-order bride, but a problem at the train station redirects Lucinda into a marriage with Riley rather than taking her vows as a nun. Riley was delighted with his new bride who was not at all like she was in her letters, and the children loved her.

But when his actual mail-order bride, Lucy, who had delayed her own arrival by stopping elsewhere to have a good time, now finds out that someone claimed her husband-to-be, she is furious. Riley feels he was betrayed by Lucinda whom he felt deliberately misled him. But when danger arises, Lucinda will do everything she can to save and protect the people she loves. Will Riley realize how much she loves her new family? Will he abandon his wife? Does he realize he could never have tolerated the deceitful Lucy?