Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Volume 1

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Volume 1 Box Set

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers           Volume One Box Set  Books 0-3

Contains a “not-for-sale” prequel to this popular sweet western historical series.

See why readers are falling in love with the Mason brothers in 19th century Arizona, as each brother meets that special woman destined to be his bride.

BEFORE THE BRIDES... Ten Years Earlier

Brody and Laura’s romance started it all.  At a time when they were young enough to believe in forever


Laura’s back!  And right in the crosshairs of Brody’s sworn enemy.  Can he keep her safe and forgive the past?


Amanda has something their sworn enemy vows to get his hands on, no matter who gets in his way.  Despite himself, Bradley gets drawn in.  Fighting his past.  Fighting his feelings.  And ultimately fighting for their future.


Globe-trotting Henrietta is nothing like any woman Braydon has ever met.  When she turns his light-hearted wager into her own personal triumph, he knows they are meant to be together.  But how to convince her!  

Seven brides for seven brothers is intriguing, captivating, funny and full of love. Also there is kidnapping, murder and an unscrupulous character.

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What a wonderful collection of stories each very entertaining. The misfit Mason brothers are a heartwrencing bunch of brothers not by blood but by tragic lives. The flow of these stories is smooth and creative. I highly recommend you read this collecting stories.

Sandra Sam
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This is a heartwarming series. It has endearing characters and intriguing storylines. I would definitely recommend this Sweet Historical Western Romance series.

shirley linn
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