Reckless Rogues

handsome rogue on box set

These wealthy, reckless rogues are sure to get every maiden’s knickers in a twist. 


“An engaging erotic romance…an entertaining tale.”  Midwest Book Review

“…filled with erotic interludes.”    A Romance Review

He might have nothing to lose … but that’s about to change.

Bridge, with nothing better to do, and a hunger for the unknown, wants an adventure. When his boredom presents the opportunity of a lifetime, he can’t say no. Especially when a blindfold becomes part of the game.

Seven days as a diversion for a widow – in any capacity she chooses.  And Fallon has an insatiable hunger.  For all their games. 

What will happen when their week together ends? 


“DO NOT MISS THIS BOOK……Lawless weaves romance, intrigue, and excitement into an impressive tapestry.” Romance Reviews Today

“Passionate and erotic…Readers looking for steamy sensual scenes will love it.”  Round Table Reviews.

“An amusing, adventurous, spirited tale.”  Romantic Times

“A sensual read that will keep you spellbound until the very end.”  Romance Junkies

Hunting a killer

Aurora gets more than she bargains for when she balloons onto Grayson Thorne’s remote estate in the middle of a notorious sex club weekend, where she soon finds herself a pawn in a seductive, role-playing game.

Chemistry sizzles between Aurora and Grayson as he tries to protect her from the many dangers that lurk in the shadows, including his father’s killer, who has targeted Aurora as his next victim.

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