One Fantasy Fall

One Fantasy Fall by Kathleen Lawless

He’s every woman’s heart throb, and all wrong for her.

When a world-famous stuntman shows up at her door, Kaitlin is taken aback to learn Blaze is her ‘fake date’ for a charity fundraiser.  She feels like the true charity case, for she’s been dreading attending the event where she’s sure to run into her ex-husband and his girl toy.  But showing up with Blaze?  On the other hand, being seen with him could do wonders for her new PR career.  The press is hungry for an update on what he’s been up to since his last stunt ended in disaster.

When Blaze’s stunt career is stalled by a life-changing accident, he’s wary of the press in general and PR people in particular.  But he has a soft heart for the underdog and something about Kaitlin sparks feelings, especially when they join forces to find a housing solution for a group of young people with no other place to go.   

Because of her past, Kaitlin avoids anything that smacks of extreme sports, and Blaze represents everything she dislikes about the risk-taking lifestyle.  But when a catastrophe with their housing project sees him once more put his life on the line to perform a death-defying stunt, she has to decide.  Will her fears hold her back or can she leap alongside him into the future?     

“I enjoyed this straightforward, page-turning story with two people, neither looking for a relationship, brought together for an event as dates. The story has a great cast of people, plenty of angst and emotions, including a few surprises.”

Booksprout Reviewer

“This is a sweet small town romance. I really liked it. It has wit and charm, and has great characters.”

Booksprout Reviewer

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