Mail Order Rachel (Widows, Brides and Secret Babies Book 24)

Mail Order Rachel by Kathleen Lawless

Not the bride he was expecting!

Rachel has looked after herself from a very young age.  When she witnesses a murder, she needs to get out of town fast, before she’s next. Desperate, she takes her friend’s place as a mail-order bride out west.

Daniel longs for a wife and family.  Not only is his mail-order bride not what he expected, she shows up with a baby that she claims isn’t hers.  When a bounty hunter arrives asking questions, Daniel’s protective instincts kick in, along with his suspicions.  What is his new wife hiding?    

I loved the character Rachel. She’s had a hard life, and it shows. Great plot and plenty of action make this a delightful romance.

Big Red

This story hit the ground running! Rachel, an orphan, had grown up with a hard life, having to look after herself. In an unexpected chance of fate, she sees a murder and needs to get out of town. Her friend Meg had been ready to become a mail order bride but she ended up passing away with a sickness, so Rachel takes her place.

An unexpected baby, a groom who was an orphan himself and refuses to not let her escape the marriage, and a journey to a happy ending that is not exactly smooth, makes this a wonderful addition to this special series!

Lori Dykes

I like the fact that Rachel adapted to things as they happened. She shows her reluctance and then moves forward. Daniel has a soft heart and readily accepts Rachel and her unexpected “luggage”. He is an atypical Western man in that he recognizes her need to be busy and work not just be a “house wife”.
When she is in danger her realizes a few failings he has and determines to correct them. All in all this was my kind of story. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Linda Hillman

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