Mail Order Martina: Secret Baby Dilemma Book 6

Mail Order Martina by Kathleen Lawless

Neither of them are marriage material—but fate decrees otherwise.

A deathbed promise and a land-hungry neighbor are enough for Will to cope with after getting out of jail for a crime he didn’t commit, never mind a tomboy bride with a toddler. He thought women were sweet and gentle creatures, but Martina can outride and outshoot anyone Will knows and has no interest in the role of a traditional wife.   

After their father dies, Martina and her young half-brother are displaced, so Martina travels west to make a new life for them.  She didn’t count on her new husband being an ex-con whose ranch is under attack. Especially as Will believes a woman’s place is in the home, while Martina insists her place is next to him.

When their uneasy truce is threatened, Martina puts her skills to the test and her love on the line.  Will it be enough?

This is a nice sweet read about Martina (Marty) and Will. Will was sent to prison for a crime he did not do. Marty and her little brother were throwing out of the only home she only knew. Will has a ranch that needs a lot of work and Marty is willing to do it. The next rancher over has other ideals about Will and Marty’s ranch. A sweet read

Viola Frere

After her father passes away and the family farm goes to her uncle, Martina has no where to go. She heads west as a mail order bride, bringing along her orphaned young half brother. She arrives to find her groom to be, Will Thorn, doesn’t want to be married. Not to mention he’s an ex-con. And what’s worse, there’s a land hungry neighbor trying to force them out, one who’s willing to stoop to whatever lengths it takes to do it. Even murder.

Undeterred, Marty is determined to pull her weight and make a life for herself and her brother, Charlie. No matter what comes up, she has Will’s back. She’s strong and tough and willing to stand up for herself, things I really admired. I absolutely loved this story. If the rest of series is anything like it, I know they’ll be on my favorites list.

S. Nielsen

Martina was brave to accept the mail order bride offer her aunt set up taking her brother with her. She didn’t know anything about her groom, who is an ex-con and tried to turn her away. She could have given up her brother for adoption and looked into employment. Will was abrupt with her, but he starts to respect her hardworking gutsy ways. I loved that she dressed to work with the animals and was a sharp shooter. Another rancher is making trouble, but he’s no match for Marty’s ranching skills and resourcefulness.

Marie B

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