Maddy’s Fugitive

Maddy's Fugitive by Kathleen Lawless


Caught in the middle, spirited farm girl Maddy Winslow throws in her lot with escapee Judson Burke, and embarks on the adventure of a lifetime to help him clear his name. Little does she anticipate the depth of feelings kindled by life on the run with her fugitive, or the secrets he hides.

When the prison wagon transporting Judson crashes, he flees, determined to prove he is innocent of his wife’s murder. The wounded subject of a two-state manhunt, Jud reluctantly accepts the help of the lovely Maddy, never expecting the attraction that grows between them, or what surprises their quest will reveal.

Shocked to discover the identity of his wife’s murderer, Judson feels he can trust no one. Not even Maddy, the one woman who holds his life and his heart in her hands. Until, with Maddy’s life in danger, Jud is forced to choose between the woman he loves or his freedom.

Don’t miss this historical twist on The Fugitive.

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