Her Untamed Cowboy

Her Untamed Cowboy by Kathleen Lawless

Where desire and danger come to a draw. 

For once in her life, recently-jilted Paris refuses to play it safe.  Especially when visiting a Wild West ghost town, where she meets a drop-dead sexy cowboy who knows how to treat a woman and make her beg for more.

Brand has a mission—to keep Paris in his sights and report what she finds to the higher ups.  Keeping his eye on Paris and his hands to himself soon proves impossible as he delves into her secrets, while showing her everything the town has to offer—including him. 

Paris’s quest hits close to home when an old family journal leads them both to a truth they never expected to find.  A truth that others in the town will kill to keep buried.

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This was a Nancy Drew Meets Carrie Bradshaw type story. It was well-written, well-paced full of romance, secrecy and mystery. The perfect combo for a hot cowboy.


The great plot was well written and the characters were so well developed that as I turned each page the chemistry between the characters kept me totally hooked until the very last page!

Kathleen Bulfon

UNTAMED” by Kathleen Lawless is a tale of one Paris Sommer…who journeyed to a revived Nevada ghost town called Forked Creek…to investigate
Martha May Brown’s “Cat House” …The cowtown’s brothel….mentioned in her great-great-great-grandmother’s Martha May’s journal…which also spoke of a so-called hidden treasure. The hostess …Valerie…running the “ Cat House” now ..offered rooms and period clothing to paying guests. A local tall drink of water named Mitchell Brand plays cowboy for the tourists by staging a roping demonstration at the livery stable….caught Paris’s eye. And later at the bar…he offered to show her around…needless to say the two hit it off…and things get steamy fast. BUT is he interested in only Paris OR Paris and her journal…OR just the journal alone?!? Read & see!! Much enjoyed and Highly Recommended.

Jill A. Freeman

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