Her Undercover Cowboy: Secret Seductions Book 2

Her Undercover Cowboy by Kathleen Lawless

Mixing business and pleasure never felt so good.

As long as Montana doesn’t find out why Steele is really at her ranch, and who hired him to be there, he can make himself indispensable to the beautiful widow and her expansion plans. 

Montana’s ambitions for her property don’t include letting her new know-it-all foreman, Steele, take the reins, even though he looks mighty capable of showing her how blissful it can be to surrender control—in and out of the bedroom. 

When her investment is threatened, Montana stands to lose everything she’s worked for, leading to the truth about why Steele is really there.  

How can he convince her he’s truly on her side and that the heat between them is more than a diversion?

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