Frannie (Always a Bridesmaid)

Cover of Frannie by Kathleen Lawless

The world wants Ryerson Sinclair’s story. And Frannie Westwood intends to give it to them.

First, she needs to convince him to grant her publishing house exclusive rights. Hopefully, she has the inside track … given they’re not exactly strangers. They met years earlier at his sister’s wedding, where Frannie was a bridesmaid. Thanks to his sister, Frannie knows where the former extreme-sport-champion-turned-hermit hides away.

Ryerson walked away from the limelight years earlier after a horrific accident turned his world upside down. The last thing he needs is an ambitious book editor, hungry for a story, showing up at his secluded ranch and interrupting his well-earned solitude. Yet, it seems he’s stuck with her after a storm leaves them stranded. Frannie is nothing like the way he remembers her, and eventually convinces him to agree to her proposal. To which he attaches a number of conditions. The first one being that she stays with him until she has enough material to ghostwrite his story.

As the book nears completion her boss ignores Ryerson’s other conditions, shattering the tenuous trust between these two opposites, and possibly ruining any hope for an ongoing relationship. Is Frannie fated to a future where she is always a bridesmaid? Or will she get her chance at happiness?

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