Callie’s Honor

Callie's Honor by Kathleen Lawless

For Callie Lambert, widowhood is a damn sight better than being married ever was!

Men in her life have given her nothing but grief, and for once she finally gets to do things her way. Until a handsome stranger arrives on the scene. If it’s not bad enough he’s there, her life is further complicated when someone drops an infant at her door.

Not the drifter he pretends to be, Rafe Millar is a man with a mission, seeking revenge for his brother’s death. Callie’s ranch is the perfect location to carry out his plans and then he’ll be on his way.
Except something about Callie’s proud, defiant green eyes makes him care more than he wants to or should. ‘Specially when her home goes up in flames and it’s his fault.

Everyone Rafe has ever loved has died. But can he leave Callie to the mercy of her unscrupulous neighbor? Not to mention there’s the baby to consider.

This one has it all. A marriage of convenience, a secret baby, a reluctant hero and plenty of sexual tension. Grab it now!

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