Bradley’s Bride (Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Book 2)

Bradley's Bride by Kathleen Lawless


Bradley can’t believe his bad luck.  All because of one innocent kiss!  He’s not cut out to be anyone’s husband.  Not with his past.


If Bradley can’t romance her, who needs him?  Not her!  She inherited a secret guaranteed to keep her safe from the one man driving terror into the hearts of the locals.

Until her home is violated, her safety secret stolen, and Bradley is her only champion.

Bradley doesn’t want anyone to count on him.  Especially Amanda.

She is the one person who understands him.  The one person who can save him from his past.  The one person who can teach him to love and be loved.  

What a great series for Western Historical romance readers! it was easy reading, fun, and sweet and I can’t wait to read more.

Bonnie Edwards

So he does not want to marry her or even court her, well she has a secret she is hiding. Someone breaks in and takes that secret from her. Can she keep.him safe? Can she stop.His secret coming out? Will he finally see her as someone he wants in his life? See if there will be a happy ending


Danger lurks all around, as an aggressive and violent neighbor terrorizes the town and aims to take over the ranch where Bradley lives. Will Bradley and Amanda confront the dangers?… This is the second in the Seven Brides for Seven Brothers series. It contains a strong theme of making your family with those who you love and love you. There are a few mild and passionate love scenes, lots of intrigue, and a feeling of friendship and community. I can’t wait to read Vol. #3!

Lisa Perez

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