Blake’s Bride (Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Book 4

Blake's Bride by Kathleen Lawless


Blake has spent his entire life trying to keep his secret hidden.  Now Storm holds the key.

Storm’s secret is too big to share, and controls her every move.

Blake stands for everything she longs for but can never have.  Which is why she has spent years running, with no intention of stopping now.  Danger and discovery wait around every corner.

Blake doesn’t care what Storm did in the past.  How can he convince her to stay?  To take a chance on a future together?

BLAKE’S BRIDE is Book 4 in the sweet Western Historical series Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.  It contains no explicit sex and very few cuss words.  

It’s so good to be able to follow the love lives of seven brothers who aren’t really brothers at all but strangers all in need of family and new beginnings.


I am really enjoying this series in this installment Blake meets Storm he helps her and in turn she helps him the only problem is the secret that Storm is hiding. This is not a sweet romance there is action, danger coming from all sides. It is a quick read and very good. How an author can put so much in such a few words always amazes me but Kathleen Lawless is a master at it. I highly recommend this book.

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