Bishop’s Bride (Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Book 5)

cover of Bishop's Bride by Kathleen Lawless

A con man with a conscience.

Helping others is new to Bishop, but one thing he understands is family.

Rose can’t locate her kidnapped sister without Bishop’s help. In return, she offers her assistance to help avenge his brother’s murder.

As they set out after Rose’s sister, their scheme to extract vengeance goes terribly wrong.

Bishop learns the hard way that life is never all black or all white. But life without Rose will be bleak and gray forever.

This was another action packed Mason brother adventure as Rose searches for her kidnapped sister Lily and falsely promises Bishop she will help him take Hawkes down in return for his help. Rose fell into being a waitress for Georgina after Mason caught her trying to pick his pocket. But it seems to me she’s destined for something more. She just hasn’t discovered it yet. Rose and Bishop spar and sparks fly between them even when he’s pushing her away. Hawkes is his usual evil self who somehow manages to not get caught nor cause a mutiny despite how horribly he treats his minions. There was plenty of humor, suspense, and romance. I can’t wait to read Barron’s story next.

Marie B

Very good story, well written as usual. Highly recommend to everyone. One to go. Enjoyable read , a little something for everyone

Kindle Customer

If you have read any of the other books in the series you will have been introduced to Bishop and may have a love-hate relationship with him. Then he helps Rose to find Lily. Hawkes is in the story causing trouble making life dangerous for the Mason brothers. I enjoyed this one it is full of love, action and danger and great characters. If you like westerns this book, in fact, the whole series would be a wonderful addition in your collection. I did receive a free copy of this book and voluntarily chose to review it.

Crystal Crossings

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