Benjamin’s Bride: A Friends to Lovers Sweet Historical Western Romance (Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Book 7)

Benjamin's Bride by Kathleen Lawless


Benjamin has always enjoyed his easy friendship with Georgina.  When she announces she is selling her cafe and leaving town, his world is suddenly turned upside down.  He can’t imagine his life without Georgina.  But she deserves far more than what he has to offer.

Georgina can’t bear the thought of staying in Bullet, taken for granted by the bachelor cowboy she has secretly loved from afar.  For too many years she’s been his confidante, his support, his best friend.  The time has come to move on and carve a new life for herself in another part of the country.  Even if it means leaving her heart and her secrets behind.  

This sweet, friends-to-lovers romance concludes the Seven Brides for Seven Brothers series.  In keeping with the previous books, it contains no sexually explicit love scenes and very few cuss words.

Ben and Georgiana are friends, but she’s wanted to be more for a while and he can’t see it, so she plans to sell her cafe and move away from the heartache. Seeing another man interested in her makes Ben see the light, but he’s killed several men and went to prison, so doesn’t think he’s worthy of her love. I loved that Ben and Georgiana were friends first before they become romantically involved. She was a tough independent woman and he tended to be a loaner as a gunslinger. This story wasn’t as action packed as the others, but there were still people held at gunpoint and some suspenseful moments. It was nice to catch up with the brothers and their families. I hope Percy sticks around for a while and finds his own happiness.

Marie B

Benjamin is the last single brother. He and Georgina, who owns the cafe, have been friends for a while. She’s leaving Bullet, though, because she loves him, she feels that he takes their friendship for granted. He thinks he’d like more with her, but he’s shy and awkward, and sending mixed messages. Maybe if he has a little competition… This is a great book – so glad to see the last brother find a bride. Along this journey, we learn the fate of Guy Hawkes (who went escaped from the sheriff in the last book), watch the ladies figure out what to do with a newly acquired property, and watch Benjamin and Georgina fall in love.


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