Barron’s Bride (Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Book 6)

Barron's Bride by Kathleen Lawless

Barron rues the day he helped rescue Lily after she was kidnapped, for the woman has been a thorn in his side ever since. With a murderer in their midst, he has no time for her antics. Yet she is forever in the way.

Lily doesn’t trust Barron. Like all men, he says one thing and does another. But whether he likes it or not she owes him for his part in rescuing her. And she always pays her debts.

This book, # 6 in the series was very interesting. Contained suspense, drama, romance and an account of the culture of part of the Old West!

Lillie Lockwood

Kathleen Lawson outdoes herself with Barron’s Bride, part of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. This story ends with wedding number six for the Mason brothers, and maybe the end for the local bad man. Read and ENJOY!

Meri Overstreet

Barron (no.6 of the 7 brothers) and Lily (sister to Rose, now married to Bishop, Barron’s twin), get off to a rocky start and don’t improve until they finally get on the same page working to take down Guy Hawkes, the man who killed Barron’s older brother and has brought nothing but havoc to the area. Love or hate? Too close to call for these two. Putting themselves in danger, though, brings out their true feelings.

S. Nielsen

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