heavily shadowed image of a man and a woman with a fire in the background


Except to the arsonist.

When people die, arson becomes murder.

Accidental or intentional? That’s the puzzle for Lt. Matt Nichols, head of San Francisco PD arson squad, given a rash of fires in the city and no connection between the victims.

His career depends on him solving the case, despite the added distraction of hotshot arson investigation specialist, Erica Johnson, dogging his every step. And his uncontrollable urge to kiss her.

Erica only wants to do her job, frustrated when Lt. Nichols refuses to cooperate. Doubly frustrated by the sexual sparks that fly between them. generating a different kind of heat.

When their investigation uncovers a link to the fire that took her mother’s life when she was a baby, Erica becomes the arsonist’s next target. And Matt races against time to save the woman he loves.

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