A Bride for Weston

A Bride for Weston by Kathleen Lawless

When a marriage of convenience isn’t!

Weston’s spies bring him news no sheriff wants to hear.  As Ridgemont grows, so does the criminal element, attracted by the recent addition of a race track and the big money gambling that follows.  His informants learn about a heist in the early planning stages, and he needs someone on the inside.  Someone he can trust.  Someone with a legitimate reason for moving to Ridgemont.  But is a mail order bride the right choice?

After Talia’s husband is killed by unsavory types, leaving her alone and penniless, she sees an ad for mail order brides.  The last thing she wants is another husband, but one man’s story piques her interest.  A sheriff out West is seeking a different kind of woman, one not put off by intrigue and danger.  The sheriff is also clear that theirs will be a marriage in name only which suits her fine.

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