A Bride for Shane: Proxy Brides – Book 60

A Bride for Shane by Kathleen Lawless

Her brother’s bad-boy best friend needs a wife!

American heiress and champion horse breeder, Lacey has always been in love with her brother’s rough-and-tumble, bad boy best friend.  She doesn’t care if Shane is a pauper and a convicted thief, so when she learns he is sentenced to death, his only reprieve hinging on a proxy marriage, she doesn’t hesitate to sign the papers, ship her horses, and head West.   

Proud and fiercely independent, Shane hates being beholden to anyone almost as much as he hated being in prison.  Years ago, his best friend’s twin sister threw herself at him, a temptation that drove him West to seek his fortune.  Now it seems someone wants to take that fortune away from him.  Why else was he tried and found guilty for a crime he didn’t commit? 

Aware he owes Lacey his life, Shane guards his secrets, determined to find out who framed him so he can prove his innocence and annul the marriage.  Then a dead body shows up on their ranch, making it obvious that Shane’s goals clash with whoever wants him out of the picture permanently. 

Lacey has no intention of accepting an annulment, and schemes to make their marriage binding in every way.  A move Shane finds impossible to resist, even though it means putting them both in harm’s way, and possibly landing him back in jail.  Lacey’s move to solidify their union pits the couple against the villain and reveals the secret Shane is hiding.  Why has he deceived her?  What else is he keeping from her?  And how will it affect their future?

When Lacey finds out her brother’s best friend, the one she’s been in love with for years, is in prison and sentenced to death unless he marries, she agrees in a heartbeat to be his wife. Shane worked hard to make it good in the west, but he’s been framed as a horse thief and found guilty for a crime he didn’t commit by someone who doesn’t want him to succeed. He and Lacey will have to pull together to save everything he’s worked for.

S. Nielsen

Lacey has always cared for Shane yet he hurt when he turned away from her and moved west. Now he is in a pickle and her twin wants her to help him by becoming his bride. It is a quick book and by about chapter six, you will have a pretty good idea of who the bad guy is but not the reason that does not come till the end. This is a love story and mystery combine and it was an excellent book to read. The characters were great and I really liked Lacey and I liked that Shane got it together and realized what he had married to Lacey. Kathleen Lawless has written a wonderful tale that I am happy to recommend.

Crystal Crossings

Wonderful and entertaining story with interesting and colorful characters. Lots of twists and turns with plenty of drama thrown in. Love a good historical Western romance with a bumpy road. Good read.

Granny Loves to Read

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